About Us

Welcome to Daily Coupon and Codes - Your Ultimate Destination for Happiness through Unbeatable Deals! At Daily Coupon and Codes, our mission is simple yet powerful: to spread joy by helping people discover their desired products at the best prices, all within a few clicks.

Who We Are:

Daily Coupon and Codes is a multinational coupon business, headquartered in Romania, with a strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Our platform offers a plethora of free coupons and discount offers, making online shopping a delightful experience for consumers.
Our Valued Clients
We take pride in collaborating with renowned brands such as Amazon, NewEgg, Macy's, Target, and Walmart, ensuring our users can access exclusive discounts and deals from their favorite retailers.
The Visionaries Behind Daily Coupon and Codes
The brilliant minds of Andrei Vasilescu and Adrian Cristea founded Daily Coupon and Codes, driven by the desire to make online shopping affordable and enjoyable for everyone.
Empowering with Purposeful Tools
Among our groundbreaking tools is the Amazon Discount Finder, enabling users to effortlessly locate coupons and discount offers directly from Amazon's vast selection.
Our Dedicated Team
Behind the scenes, a team of 36 full-time employees and over 135 external collaborators are tirelessly working to discover the best coupons and deals for you.
Incredible Partnerships
Daily Coupon and Codes collaborates with leading affiliate networks to monetize coupons and deals, including CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Advertising, Awin, ShareASale, TradeDoubler AB, Skimlinks, VigLink, WebGains, Pepperjam, Impact Tech Inc., AvantLink, and Performance Horizon Group Limited. We are proud corporate members of the Performance Marketing Association since August
Making Headlines
You may have seen us featured in esteemed publications like MoneyPantry, DollarSprout, Well Kept Wallet, Yahoo! Finance, GoBanking Rates, and Reader's Digest, spreading the word about our commitment to bringing happiness through savings.


Empowering Change Worldwide
At Daily Coupon and Codes, we have a burning passion for making a difference. Our vision is to create products that can truly change the world, one coupon at a time. We believe in the power of our offerings to make a positive impact on people's lives.


Dedicated to Your Success
Our commitment knows no bounds. When we set out to achieve something, it's not just success we aim for - it's extraordinary success. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we stop at nothing less than excellence.
Embracing Outside-the-Box Thinking
We are advocates of creativity, development, and innovation. These pillars form the foundation of our company, enabling us to provide you, our valued customers, with cutting-edge products designed for your utmost benefit.
Think Big, Reach Far
We believe that greatness begins when ambition knows no limits. Our highly ambitious team strives to create products that reach millions of people, making a meaningful impact in their lives.
Embrace Simplicity
At Daily Coupon and Codes, simplicity is our guiding principle. If we have to explain a user interface, it's simply not good enough. We are committed to delivering intuitive and user-friendly experiences for everyone.
Attention to Every Detail
In our pursuit of perfection, we leave no stone unturned. Every detail matters to us, no matter how minor or minuscule. It's this attention to detail that allows us to create offerings that have far-reaching impacts.
A Family Spirit
Our workspace is more than just an office; it's a closely-knit family. United by teamwork and a shared desire to help one another, we foster a warm and supportive environment. Oh, and don't forget - our coffee's always fresh!
Constantly Improving
Stagnation is not in our vocabulary. We are always on the move, striving for improvement in every aspect of our business. Our relentless pursuit of betterment drives us forward, ensuring we never settle for mediocrity.
Embrace Fun and Quirkiness
Just as much as you enjoy browsing the latest deals on our website, we revel in the fun and excitement behind the scenes. We love infusing our work with enthusiasm, making your coupon-hunting experience truly enjoyable.